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  • Roman Samuels

Alone and Connected

Ironically, I have not noticed much of a difference between pre-corona and current-corona times. I am an introverted home body. Quarantine is my normal state of being.

I always knew that this training and preparation would come in handy one day. Now I am ready for the virtual world, the digital age where we connect exclusively through screens and social media rather than in person.

It's been scary and interesting to see this pandemic develop. On one hand I have been scared into buying emergency food, masks, and yes... toilet paper. On the other hand I have witnessed unbelievable innovation in a very short amount of time across many different industries. Musicians and artists have taken to social media to continue to connect with their fans and listeners. DJs are hosting live online parties. Workers in every business have been forced to adapt to this new state of being, and the speed to which we are adapting is remarkable.

The other night I had a virtual happy hour with some old co-workers. It had been at least a week since I had had any meaningful social interaction with other people. Suddenly there we all were, looking at each other, chatting, opening beers together and talking about our lives.

Isn't it amazing how much us humans need connection?

We stayed on that virtual meeting for three hours. We told stories, laughed, joked, made fun of each other, talked about markets (we all work in finance), and hypothesized on what the coming weeks and months will look like.

After being home alone, confined to our thoughts it was such a relief to blow off steam with fellow humans. It made me realize that though we are alone, we are still connected.

Who knows how this whole thing will shake up.. But, as long as we all have each other we will get through it.