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When I was 9 months old I was diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder called Hemophilia. My blood had no clotting factors, none at all. If I got cut, or sustained internal injuries there would be nothing in my blood to stop the bleeding.

Thankfully modern medicine created a treatment and I did not die of internal bleeding at my diagnosis. But from that moment on I was forever changed. I would carry Hemophilia with me for the rest of my life, and since then I have lived my life with caution, always careful not to injure myself. Physical activities such as sports or adventures were discouraged as I grew up.

I turned to music as my outlet. Music allowed me express the many deep emotions I carried around. It gave me a bridge to connect with others since almost no one I knew could relate to my struggle.

Music has carried me forth since then. When I went through heartbreak I turned to music. When I experienced pain I turned to music. When I felt joy I turned to music. It has always been the air my soul breathes, the remedy to sooth my sadness. 

I have released 2 studio albums and will be releasing my third album this year, in 2020. Click below to hear more of my music.